PROMPT DE IMÁGEN Ciudad de las luces


Enter a realm of fantasy and wonder with an artistic portrayal of the "City of the Fireflies." This digital illustration brings to life a vibrant metropolis illuminated by the enchanting glow of countless fireflies. Inspired by the magic of nature, the artwork combines elements of urban architecture and natural landscapes. The city streets are lined with charming buildings adorned with twinkling lights while fireflies swarm the sky, creating a luminous spectacle. The color palette blends warm hues and rich tones, evoking a sense of mystique and enchantment. Get ready to immerse yourself in the dreamlike ambiance of the "City of the Fireflies."

Imágen creada con la inteligencia artificial de LEONARDO AI.

Si quieres quitar a las personas de la imágen agrega un prompt negativo donde especifiques que no quieres personas.


No people

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