PROMPT DE IMÁGEN Mujer hecha de galaxias


cosmic fire stars, swirling wind, swirls, silhouette of a woman super realistic, high detail, smoke clouds

NO GIANT BOOBS, writing, words, signatures, labels, tongue, simplified, minimalistic, lowpoly, distortion, blur, flat, matte, dead, loud, tension, pixel, 8bit, pixelated! Life. Fire, warmth, stress, average. Geometry. Square. Pixelart, glitchart. Retro. '70s '80s '90s old. Damaged, distorted, blurry blur haze Paper, simplified, minimalistic, curves, distortion, blur, flat, matte, silent. out of frame, duplicate, distortion, wrong, lowquality broken pixels distortion, blur, flat, matte, silent, tension, pixel, 8bit, pixelated, bad cubes cubism primitive ordinary retro old classic usual casual normal average wellknown fashion mainstream popculture anime manga portrait figurative direct still fixed solid calm quiet weak sad natural organic chaotic bizarre, messed up finger, hands, double nostrils, head Cropping, Giant Breasts, Eyes on Breasts, double heads, weird hands, fingers, Extra Arms, extra limbs, long neck, teeth, long head

Esta imagen fue creada con la inteligencia artificial de LEONARDO AI si quieres aprender a usarla da clic aquí

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